If You Find Me Offensive…

If You Find Me Offensive…

… then, I don’t care. Really, I don’t.When I do those pop personality quizzes, I’m an ENTJ. I’m a Sliverin. I’m the cold, blunt decisive one that gets shit done. I make tough calls. I’m decisive and focused. I have a tried and tested form of evaluating an issue and act accordingly.

But, you might not like that. You might find me cold and unreasonable. You might find me offensive and unfeeling, perhaps. Call me what you want. Throw all the accusations you want at me. Bitch about me like there’s no tomorrow. I really don’t care. Because your behaviour says more about you than me.

If you can’t see that I’m human, if you can’t see that even I, Dea Nexa, has feelings and pain just like anyone else, then I am equally unconcerned with your opinion of me. I will not engage with any level of toxicity and personal attacks, especially by people that don’t know me.

I block on social media to serve a purpose: so I can be me without fear of harassment or abuse. Anyone I have blocked has not respected my boundaries, so I will enforce them. THAT is a grown up thing to do. Feel silenced? Then learn to be respectful. Troll, then yeah, obviously I’ll block you.

You may not like that I make defined lists or bullet points. You may find that cold and unfeeling, because you’re used to long descriptive paragraphs of explanation. I’m dyslexic, and an educator, lists are not me being difficult; it’s me being an intelligent communicator.You may go as far as saying I’m a bitch. Because sometimes femdom is interpreted as hatred of men. Just like you might judge me for my skin colour and religion as being less worthy of respect. But if that is how you choose to see me, that’s on you, not me. I do not need to justify my opinions or existence to anyone but my god.

Or you may meet me, like many have after engaging with me on here, and are shocked by how gentle I am and petite. You may decide I’m not who you think I say I am on here. Again, that’s on you, not me. I don’t display my whole life on here. Why would I?

That being said, I do take criticism. I do listen. I do value feedback. I will always apologise if I cause harm. I make mistakes and do my best to learn from them. I know I need time to calm my ego sometimes, but I’m learning to be good at that. Throwing insults and making personal attacks is different, and I’m very accustomed to knowing the difference, and will act accordingly.

I did this tie for a challenge in the Bristol Rope Munch group. And I look at it now, as I head to bed, and I feel a new sense of empowerment….

I am not pagan. Though I do recognise the prowess and stature of the witches amongst us. They, like me, are on their own path, doing their own thing, focused on their own happiness. I am strong, I am focused, I stand for justice. I will not apologise for who I am. If you find that offensive, I really don’t care.

Be yourself, folks. If people don’t like it, find new people.

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