2020: The Year Of Rebalancing

2020: The Year Of Rebalancing

Yeah, I know, rebalancing is a bit rich isn’t it? This year has been so unstable, yet usually rebalancing requires a sense of calmness and serenity. But bare with me….

Before 2020, we ripped down rainforest to grow meat and palm oil, to serve a fickle need. The rainforest bit back and gave us coronavirus. It’s done it before with AIDS SARS, Ebola, etc… Mess with nature and it messes with us, but we didn’t learn the lessons. We kept thinking we can do what we want. Now we’re paying the price. And to those still in denial, still chasing you individual materialistic dreams, keep running because you won’t find happiness that way.

Before 2020 we ran around busily, polluting our air. For a few weeks everything stood still in lockdown and we saw how beautiful the world is when we stopped treating it like a free vending machine. Nonetheless, floods poured, fires raged and corals died. Because the damage of our parasitic behaviour is longstanding. But I see hope.

We saw popularity contest leaders promising the world and then let coronavirus spread across our nations. We saw the fruits of our votes. We see now the value of science and respectable political discord. We see how fragile democracy is, how easily persuaded the disenfranchised are towards extremes. And now there is a new hope.

Black Lives Matter. The technology that is eating the planet’s resources did allow us to look at ourselves closely. Like never before, people rose up, toppled statues and cast votes for equality and justice for all.

So there is a balancing going on. Rebalancing will take time and a commitment to a better way of being. Protect our planet. Treasure the lives of the weakened. Let calmness come to us.

My personal journey this year has been difficult in many ways. I was betrayed by those most close to me, but found solace in criminal justice. Surviving Covid19 has become a long haul battle. I cannot do the things I normally do and love. My body is rebalancing itself and telling me to slow down and take care of myself, not just other people. My work has taken a while new direction and I move online to support those that need it.

Many of us have lost income, some our homes, and some our loved ones to the coronavirus. Everything changed for so many people in so many new ways. We are faced with the entrenched social and economic inequalities that for decades we sought to irradiate. But we see it now. Now we must act.

Next year will be tough. It will take time to overcome this pandemic, but let’s not forget the lessons it teaches us. Where science fiction created hope, let our imaginations find solutions.

Be safe, folks. And a Happy New Year!

Dea Nexa

Inspired tie reflecting on the year. Its been so difficult…. “Oh heaven, I wait with good intentions, but the day it always lasts too long, then I’m gone….”

Mindful that this song is largely about addiction, for those needing help please seek support here https://www.nhs.uk/live-well/healthy-body/drug-addiction-getting-help/

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