Rope Art

Floral Rope

I love to incorporate flowers with rope. I feel it adds a gentle texture to my ties and creates elegance.

Self Tie Tuesday: Rest Up

Today I tied whilst relaxed in bed using flowers sent to me by a dear frien, and Bun Bun. I set this three fir a group I moderate on Fetlife, Self Tie Tuesday.

Instagram reel for this relaxing tie

Queer Bear in Rope

I find it so fun to tie my stuffies, especially when my body isn’t up to self tying. Here, it was Queer Bear’s turn!

Tying Queer Bear to a damson tree in blossom

They Say It’s Spring

After a day out in her truck (yes, really!), my bunny let me tie her under the apple blossom of my garden. So snug and floating.

Instagram reel ://

Chest Harness With Flowers

Instagram reel

Roses and Spikes

Contrasting rope with spikes, like the petals side thorns of roses.

Instagram reel link

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