I Am Wonder Woman

I Am Wonder Woman

Yes, really. Well, kinda….

I loved Wonder Woman growing up. Her kick ass moves, her outfit to die for and lasso of truth. And who could forget her invisible airplane! She stood for justice and embraced her femininity. Ok, in hindsight the 1980’s version was pretty misogynistic. But it’s what I had, so I was happy.

Then the new DC movies with her came out and BOOM I fell in love with her all over again. She was fierce and yet compassionate. Beautiful, righteous and gracious. Happy me!

Why do I write about this now?

My life has never been easy. Last week, after 18 months of waiting, I gained justice after putting a dangerous person in prison. A huge weight has been lifted from my shoulders, as I’d kept quiet for the sake of family honour for many, many years. It was incredibly difficult to do. But necessary.

Then, I went to a rope event run by two friends of mine and I opened up a little about what had happened that week and how much I was looking forward to plunging myself into an intense self tie to celebrate. Inevitably, we discussed comics (he’s a real fan!) And Wonder Woman came up. DAMMMNNNNN I’d only seen a smidgen of her awesomeness on the screen. I was duly informed of the warrior nature she has, how she gives a little time for negotiation and then goes to war. She always wins.

I fought my battle. I gave little room for negotiation and stood by what is decent and right. I feel like I have always been her, just didn’t know it. I give little room for tolerating bullshit in my life, have done so for some time. But since my victory, I now know I’ve always been right to stand for my truth and to believe in the kind goodness people have.

Another friend kindly bought me this outfit for this self tie. It was so much fun. Feeling so good.

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