Rope Art

Nylon Rope Designs

This year I have been able to use nylon rope for the first time. It behaves very differently my usual jute, but the colours are often vivid and eye catching. So I invested in some UV nylon rope and rainbow nylon rope, to see what I could create! Because of lockdown and coronavirus, I self tied a lot more than usual, and also took the opportunity to run my own online rope events.

Christmas rope at one the Bristol Rope Munch online POC friendly Winter Wonderland Rope Party.
Not UV, but still a lovely rainbow nylon which is great in water!
This time in the bath with UV nylon and a blacklist!
A little fun with Little Ted and my Neon wand!
A different perspective for Little Ted here!
An exercise in Radical self love. Recognising the labels that are used on my body send hoe they affect my everyday life.
Celebrating Bristol Pride at the Bristol Rope Munch online POC friendly

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