Poker Face In Rope

Poker Face In Rope

Face rope is something I’ve always struggled with. To be restricted around my head, breath control, being silenced and sensory deprivation are all challenging for me. I’m glad I tried and achieved it, if only for a short while, on my own, able to express myself in a way I felt safe and beautiful.

And yet, I’m very hesitant to show my face online. I value my privacy. But also, some associate rope purely sexually explicitly. Whilst I agree that’s the background to a lot of shibari work, it can also be a source of self reflection and growth, an artistic expression of the human mind’s form.

Today I decided to show my face, but hidden, like in a poker game. Yet distracting in its surprising unusualness. A deception, a lie, but the naked truth of some of the love games people play.

“I’m not lying I’m just stunning with my love glue gunnin’.”

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