Rope Art

Pride 2022

I’ve been busy creating Pride themed ties this month, so I thought I’d collect them all into one post on here!

Bristol Rope Space

Glamming It!

Instagram reel of our chilled afternoon

Teddy Pride

Instagram reel

Rainbow Shoes With Rope

Rope and heels go so perfectly together! Self Tie and photo by me.

Instagram reel

Disabled in Pride

Self Tie Tuesday theme Pride. Pride in my disability. I spend about 70% of my time lying down. Here, I lie in the shade of my apple trees in my garden, feeling so grateful for this blessing. Enjoying the warm air and cool breeze, as well as the nature in my garden this time of year. This outdoor space has been, quite literally, a life saver for me.Yes, I’m queer too. I came out last Pride (I know, so cliché!!!) so this month means a lot to me. But as a disabled person, accessing events has been impossible. I ran my own event last weekend which was suitable, because I set it up that way, long before I realised the full extent of my illness. I believe we consciously have to make spaces more inclusive. Inclusion matters.All my work.

Instagram reel

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