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Seeking Beautiful Rope Models?

If you seek the stereotypical “beautiful” models to make your rope look good, that’s one thing…. Your rope is bound to look amazing, especially if you get the tie spot on, them boom, instant social media gratification. I’ve come across many amazingly beautiful people in jaw dropping poses in perfect looking ties in perfectly lit photos. Recognition achieved, if that’s what you seek.

However, if you take your model and make them beautiful in your rope, that’s quite something else. Because….

  1. You know to look beyond any pre-conceived ideas of beauty.
  2. You know that rope can be so much more than looking hot or pretty or helpless or whatever.
  3. You know that what matters most is the moment itself.
  4. You’re wise enough to not let social media define your success as a rigger and/or photographer.
  5. You know authenticity matters more than perfection, so you don’t care about airbrushing.
  6. Any editing you do celebrates the person in front of you, not pushes “defects” away, because there’s no such thing as a defect in the real world.
  7. You seek models on the same page as you, wanting a similar experience with rope that goes beyond the aesthetics.
  8. You know that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, after all.

Now, I’m not saying you can’t have meaningful moments with beautiful people, of course not. I’ve tied very stereotypically beautiful people and created wonderful images to post online. But what will always stay with me is the intimate moments we share, which is very very rarely caught on camera. They feel beautiful. I’ve brought out their beauty. And we have found beauty together. That is what I find the most beautiful thing about rope.

I write this to remind people during these difficult times, where we find ourselves on social media more than ever, to not focus too much on the beautiful photos. Instead know your body is beautiful, always will be, and rope should reflect that, too.

2 replies on “Seeking Beautiful Rope Models?”

YES!!! I’ve always strove for just that, trying to capture the beauty I find in the ropes. I’ve come to accept that few will see the beauty I see and even fewer will ever feel what I feel or have felt with ropes. I am afraid to share many pictures that I find beautiful but models might find embarrassing because of that “stereotypical standard of beauty”.

Thank you for your thoughts. Rope is so much more than the beautiful images, its all the beauty that lives behind each tie.

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