Rope Art

Sensory Rope

Using other textures and mediums to develop rope experiences and art.

I’e been able to try mixing different things with rope over the past few weeks or so. Playing around with texture, pressure and temperature in particular on myself and my rope bottoms.

Using low temperature UV wax candles with UV nylon rope under a black light.
Today, I used a soft faux fur blanket to snuggle myself in this self tied box tie.
Combining latex with these arm gauntlets recently, in tribute to WhiskyTangoFoxy.
Bath bondage with nylon rope and small flowers.
Tugging and pulling can create different intensities in rope play.
Ice play with a rope hip harness. Chilly but fun!
Making use of the sun in this outdoor suspension on my rope bunny.
A long velvet cape exposing my one leg, combining nylon rope with steel rings.
Using UV nylon rope and a black light to create this effect.

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