Stop Throwing Yourself At Others!

Stop Throwing Yourself At Others!

Just want to say, if you offer yourself to me when you don’t know me, I consider you dangerous!

You’re either:

  1. Someone who thinks I’m desperate enough to risk playing with a stranger. Perhaps l’ve come across as needy and pitiful. I do my utmost to avoid holding those traits, because desperation leads to poor decision making.
  2. Someone that just because I’m well known in parts of my local scene, have a decent profile, and write about safety, that that somehow makes me safe. It doesn’t, not one bit. Just because I talk the talk, it doesn’t automatically mean I practice everything I preach. (I do my best, but just making a point).
  3. You don’t care if I’m a predator, you just gotta get your fix. I have absolutely no interest in taking advantage of the desperation of others. I would also worry if they’re given me consent to do stuff when it’s not safe for THEM to do so. Mainly though, predators are very dangerous, you need to comprehend that!
  4. Someone that either doesn’t take your safety and well being seriously, and carry an impulsive, fantasy based risk profile. Or they lack the education needed. Knowing your risk profile, what works when and how, generally and to you as an individual, learning bit by bit in a measured and reflective way, is standard in kink practice. You need to know your boundaries and how to communicate them, and enforce them whenever necessary.

I know lockdown is tough. We’re all missing people, and lots of us miss physical intimacy on most levels. We spend time on social media, but I’d strongly suggest that we remember the level of negotiation that goes behind everything we do.

Even online play requires thoughtfulness and consideration around issues of personal boundaries and privacy. Those relationships are still relationships and should not be entered into lightly, as a softer option.

Let’s not lose our sense of reality.

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