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Tackling The Effects Of The Corona Virus On Our Rope Communities

At the time of this writing, I am suffering the effects of COVID19, a deadly pandemic virus that has killed thousands of people, and is continuing to do so. I am suffering the classic symptoms: fever, coughing, difficulty breathing, exhaustion, as well as dizziness and headaches.

By far the most difficult of symptoms has been my inability to breathe properly. I have had a constant pressure on my chest. It is extremely stressful as I am avoiding panicking, which would put more pressure on my lungs.

This virus is highly contagious and is spreading extremely quickly. As our governments rush in new powers to control the spread, I have written sone words if advice that you may find useful.

Getting Prepared For COVID-19

As someone that is currently going through a COVID19 infection, living in the UK adhering certain government guidelines, I have written some tips of how to manage your life in the coming weeks or months as covid-19 spreads to new areas:

  1. Get the medicine you need now. Paracetamol mainly for the fever and pain. And any other medication you normally take. Avoid visiting your doctor or pharmacist for advice. They will be inundated with seriously sick people needing critical care. Use your government backed website for advice (NHS 111, CDC, etc) and follow the instructions you’re given.
  2. Get soap. Don’t worry too much about hand sanitizer. Wash hands and keep things clean is enough. Clean once a day around your home – particularly door knobs and surfaces you regularly touch. Clean your handheld devices like phones or iPads. Wash your bedding regularly.
  3. Think about sleeping arrangements in your home. If you self isolate, you’ll need to be 6’/2m away from everyone. It’s lonely, get a teddy bear or something to cuddle if you think you’ll need it.
  4. Network with friends local to you for advice, and support each other now. Most people are decent and will help. Social media has made it all so much easier. Your local government may have a service for volunteers to use, like we have in my city. If you’re isolated, reach out to charities for support. I know in the UK, loneliness charities are popping up to check on the elderly and vulnerable, so use those services.
  5. Check delivery services have a policy to drop things off without asking for your signature, or think how you’re going to handle that situation. I’ve not had a problem with it yet, as there is enough awareness around this.
  6. Get staples in, but try to not hoard. It’s not fair on the more vulnerable who genuinely will need those basics. A writer in Italy recommended enough for two months. Dried and tinned food is good. Think how you’re going to cook (and wash) separately from other people you’re living with. There is no need to panic buy provisions and overstock. Governments are making sure supermarkets and pharmacies remain open. Taking too much will mean the poorer and more vulnerable can’t get the basics.
  7. Find stuff to keep you busy. Creative stuff indoors. It’s insanely boring being isolated, and I’ve only been isolated for ten days. I’ve created a visual below with some ideas. You may want to try new kinky activities, on your own or with your partner if it’s safe to do so.
  8. Keep your phone charged in case you deteriorate rapidly and need an ambulance. Have a number of a loved one saved, should you require assistance once in hospital.
  9. Most work places will be making adjustments to work form home, so think how you could make that work if that isn’t already being arranged for you. It will save you time and energy from commuting, though you may have too many distractions. You’ll need to manage those distractions.
  10. Get some fresh air. It’ll help with any breathing difficulties you may be experiencing. If you’re in isolation, you may have guidelines of how to gain exercise outdoors. If you can, to it.
  11. Use Skype, facetime or other video messaging or conferencing services to connect with kink activities on your scene and around the world. This is a good opportunity to learn online and not worry about going to events done distance away. I’m already seeing people setting up lessons and munches virtually. If it’s not happening, contact the organisers to see if they can do it.
  12. See what financial help is available in your country. As the crisis develops, governments are making available cash and loans to struggling business and families, but this is varying, so keep informed.
  13. If in household isolation you experience abuse, seek help. If you feel in immediate danger for your life and safety, call the police. Isolation is a common tactic of abusers, do they will use this opportunity.

How To Support Kink Businesses During The COVID19 Pandemic

As more events are making the right choice to close their doors to help contain and delay the spread of covid19, and people are holding back money to spend on life’s little luxuries, many event organisers and traders are inevitably going to be financially hard hit. As a community, what acts can we take to save events and businesses from folding?

  1. We need to rethink how to do things. Instead of panicking, see this as an opportunity to find new avenues for your business. Flex your creativity and innovation muscles.
  2. As more and more of us are self isolating or facing lockdowns, we can’t get to events. We love those events, they’re a life line. Organisers: allow attendees to defer their tickets to after the crisis or a refund. Money is as tight a resource to attendees as you. Attendees, ask yourself if you really need the refund or can defer the ticket to when it’s safe to run events?
  3. Event organisers, ask yourself “what sort of events CAN we do?”. Small intimate ones may be possible. Or go online, use Skype or whatever to group connect. Set up group chats at specific times with clearly defined rules for everyone joining to stick by.
  4. Traders: do demos online. Do Q&A sessions online. Make it fun and engaging, because let’s face it, you’re successful because you sell well. Have previous buyers in the group to vouch for your products.
  5. Like, comment and share on social media. The web is the only contact with the outside world a growing number of people have. The market just got bigger. Your voice just got louder.
  6. Kinksters: ever wanted to try something but we’re too shy to try? Now is the opportunity to try in the safety of your own home. Get connected with other kinksters online to guide you and be your safe call if things go wrong.


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