This Tortuous Beauty

This Tortuous Beauty

This tortuous beauty in my hands,
A twisted trio of Earth’s design,
Sits docile to be used,
Like scissors or silk
It has no purpose but my intention for it.

You sit eager to know it’s passion,
And I sing my sadistic song to you.
A whisper to make you quiver
A tug to expose your fear
Down you fall as you float amongst stars,
In my constructed, swollen dreams
Made real in this hidden palace.

Each unique opportunity explored
Teased openly as we play
We reveal our bloodiest faults.

Throwing, gliding my rope upon your flesh
We relish in these dark desires.
Glaring at your exposure, I excel
Your sweet soul embittered
Screaming my name silently.
The pain relentlessly continues
As you believe my being that embraces you
My rope forfeiting your innocence.

The world only ours
We sail back to shore
Swimming in stillness
Of our new, precious discovery.
In acknowledgement we rest,
Our eyes residing the truth
Of what that moment was.

By Dea Nexa

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