About Me

About Me

Welcome to my rope blog! A place for me to express myself, sharing my art and information on how I practice rope safely and ethically.

Rope is something I stumbled across quite by accident, but very quickly fell in love with. I am very fortunate to have several friends that model for me on a regular basis. Also, I self tie – initially to help with rigging others, but have found great fulfillment in self tying itself.

I have gained lots of experience over the past 6 years or so since I first started, and enjoy how it enhances my life and that of others. Over the last 4 years, my skills in the aerial side of rope has developed greatly, largely due to my self tying and having wonderful friends to work with. To me, it’s a creative outlet, a way to express a deeper sense of self, to find pleasure in something that can be physically and mentally challenging.

Rope has taught me an awful lot about myself and other people. It has helped me focus on building personal physical fitness and mental focus, to be able to create and sustain shapes and dynamic ties. It has taught me to be patient and mindful of the needs of others. It has enabled me to forge strong, meaningful connections with those I tie.

So, welcome to this journey into my greatest passion, rope. Enjoy!

Rope Happy

Want help in developing your rope practice, in a way that is specifically fulfilling to you? The try reading my book Rope Happy. Start reading it for free here:


I run in person classes on the fundamentals of rope play. Over 3 classes, I cover health and safety, consent and negotiations, and how to develop rope scenes and relationships. For more details please look here:

As an established educator with experience in these fields, below is my list of available classes I am able to teach online. For all enquires, please email me at deanexashibari@gmail.com

Online classes available:

Consent and Negotiations (Advanced) – a fully interactive workshop, taking an in depth look into consent, boundaries, negotiations and consent violations (2.5hrs).

On Your Nerves – a head to toe explanation of anatomical pressure points on the human body related to rope bondage (1.5hrs).

Personal Risk Assessments – the personal factors that influence the risks we take in engaging with rope play (or other kink activities). (1hr)

Developing Rope Scenes – using negotiations, connection and creativity to create meaningful rope scenes (1hr)

Self Awareness in Kink – developing reflective practice and mindfulness techniques for better play (1hr)

BDSM vs Abuse – learning to distinguish between healthy kink dynamics and play from abuse (1hr).

Dominance and Submission – a beginner’s guide to ethical power exchange (1hr)

Please contact me if you would like me to contribute to any of your events. Donations are encouraged to my PayPal deanexashibari@gmail.com or CashApp ¬£DeaNexaShibari, and feedback appreciated (your email is not harvested).


You can also find further art work and details of my classes on Instagram https://instagram.com/dea_nexa

All artwork is produce by me. Credit given elsewhere where that is not the case. All content is the intellectual property of Dea Nexa. Reproduction of all or any part of this website is strictly prohibited.